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Accelerate your SaaS projects with Veloz. Effortlessly scaffold projects, choose your stack, and integrate services. Focus oninnovation, not setup. Join Veloz for a swift SaaS evolution.

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Your SaaS Launchpad

Veloz offers a unique solution to launch your SaaS business with versatility in technology. Unlike typical SaaS boilerplates, we don't limit you to a single framework or language. Enjoy the flexibility to use the language you're comfortable with while getting the complete package for your SaaS journey.








Frontend Frameworks / Libraries

Craft responsive interfaces effortlessly with ready-made components and support for modern frontend frameworks.

Integrate seamlessly with your preferred frontend frameworks.
Optimize performance with intelligent caching and lazy loading.
Built-in support for state management in complex applications.
Ensure a smooth user experience with client-side routing and navigation.
Simplify development with reusable components and efficient UI tools.

Get Started in minutes.

Launch with Confidence. Our SaaS Starter Kit is equipped with everything you need for a seamless project kickstart."


Framework Freedom

Our templates are built with a flexible architecture that allows you to use any framework of your choice.

Production Ready

Veloz is pre-configured with everything you need to deploy your app to production.

Code Simplicity

Veloz is built with clean code and follows best practices to ensure scalability.

Continuous Updates

Veloz is constantly updated with new features and improvements.

Starter Kits

Finally, it high time you ship that idea of yours and turn it into a reality. We are here to help you get started. Checkout the starter kit below. Purchasing a starter kit, provides you access to subsequent related kit's available and future added kit's. 😻



Turbocharge Your Indie Hacker Journey


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Get access to prebuilt template for a specific use case and get started in minutes shiping your idea.

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