Zeus Kits

Zeus kits are production-ready, fully cutomizable and responsive template powered by Next.js ( App Router ) with Typescript and Javascript support. Zeus kits are equipped with everything you need for a fast & easy project kickstart.



Zeus authentication / authorization is handled specifically by NextAuth.

Own your data

All users data is stored in your database, giving you full control.


Zeus supports OAuth providers like Google and Github. Flexibility to add your prefer auth providers.

Email / Password

Zeus enables your customers easily sign up with their email and password.

Auth Components

Each authentication meathods are set of reusable components which can be customized to your preferrence.

Billing & Subscriptions

Zeus makes it easy for your customers to get billded and manage their subscriptions using lemonsqueezy as default payment provider.

Billing Portal

Zeus makes it easy for your customers to manage their subscriptions and billing information using lemonsqueezy secure billing portal.



Appealing and intuitive pricing table to help your customers choose the right plan for them.

Pricing Table

Zeus provide a reusable pricing components which automatically get generated within the configuration provided..


Reusable waitlist component and page.

Waitlist Component

Zeus provides reusable and customizable waitlist component and page to collect leads if your SaaS isn't ready for lunch.

Manage Waitlist

Zeus provides a section on the dashboard to manage your waitlist and export leads as CSV.


One Time Purchase

Veloz is a one time purchase. You get access to all the kits included within the package.

Life Time Access

Unlimited projects.


Next 14 (App Router)
Custom Waitlist page and component
Prebuilt UI Components
Authentication support
Clean, well written and structure code
Own your data
Lemonsqueezy payment integration
Lifetime updates
Discord community
Unlimited projects
Buy now use forever
Unlimited projects

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